Competitive TagPro

North America

Major League TagPro

MLTP is the premier competitive TagPro league in North America. It is composed of two sub-leagues: majors and minors. Each season begins with a draft and usually runs from 7-10 weeks, plus an additional 3 or so weeks of playoffs.

More information available at /r/MLTP.

Novice League TagPro

NLTP is a branch of North American competitive TagPro for players who haven't yet made it to majors or minors. If you sign up to be drafted to MLTP but do not get drafted, you are guaranteed a spot in NLTP.

More information available at /r/NLTP.

US Contenders

US Contenders is a make-your-own-team ladder league. Find four to six friends and work your way to number one.

More information available at /r/uscontenders.


European League TagPro

ELTP is the competitive TagPro league in Europe. All games are played on the European servers: Chord and Orbit. Non-european players are welcome to participate. ELTP is comprised of two tiers: majors and minors.

More information available at /r/ELTP.


Below ELTP is ENLTP, a league aimed mainly towards players without much experience.

More information available at /r/ELTP.


Oceanic League TagPro

OLTP is the competitive TagPro league in Oceania. All games are played on the Sydney server: Diameter.

More information available at /r/OLTP.


Mumble is a voice-chat application built for gamers, where a big part of our competitive community lives. Nightly tournaments are played on different servers on our North American, European and Australian Mumble servers. Check the /r/tagpro wiki for more information how to connect.